di - Create Small Image Thumbnails Of Different ScenesIf you’re looking for a particular moment from a home movie but aren’t sure where to find it, but the solution is by creating thumbnails can help you find out at a glance, without the need to manually trawl through every single clip.

Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer is an easy-to-use tool for creating thumbnails of video files. If you had a 10 minute home movie, for instance, you could ask the program to produce 20 thumbnails, and it would extract a frame every 30 seconds and present them in a single graphic.

Screen08 thumb - Create Small Image Thumbnails Of Different Scenes

Building your thumbnails is very straightforward. Just point the program at the folder containing any videos you’d like to import, click Start Process. Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer will work through each video in turn, create your thumbnail graphics, and save them in the same folder.

It was always difficult to know what is there in the movie but by creating thumbnail the user will not have to trawl through the entire clip. Movie Thumbnails serve two general purposes is to provide a visual element to movie distributions, which is often used to provide downloader’s with a preview of the movie. Movie Thumbs also serve the purpose of adding previews to local movie collections.

If the user want to take more control of the process, there are plenty of settings available to be tweaked. These start with simple options, defining the output file names that Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer will create. And they carry on right down to the very low-level details, like the command line arguments the program uses to control MPlayer, the media player that obtains the individual frames.

Screen09 thumb - Create Small Image Thumbnails Of Different Sceneswith this the user will be able to modify the setting of the utility according to the user’s style. Through this utility user will also protect there thumbnail by protecting it with a password. the user will also able to set the limit of the thumbnail size also and will able to add the file extensions of the video which user’s want to add on this utility.

The processing time depends largely on the amount of videos stored in the selected directories, their length and the computer’s processing powers.The biggest advantage which i found on this is its customizability according to the user’s need and functionality.

Lets see how it works,just click on the box where the movie is being stored and then click on the start processing tab. now the processing starts and the user you will able to see the preview of the processing.The results will look like

Screen10 thumb - Create Small Image Thumbnails Of Different Scenes

The only difficulty with this is that it is not possible to select a single file for thumbnail creation. The best way to create thumbs for one movie is to create a new directory, move the video file into that dir to process it afterwards in the program.