di - Customize, Decrease UAC Protection LevelThe one of the most annoying feature in the Windows versions after Windows XP was the UAC. This window used to popup every time when we launch any newly downloaded tool for the first time on our system, it may appear to be annoying but its really good from the security point of view for your system. Every time you launch a tool it blocks the installation procedure and then it shows the changed which will made by this tool in your system. But if you believe that you do not need this information and you can do better without it then i have to your problem which is known as UAC Controller Tool and this will help you to customize the settings of UAC on your system.

I have reviewed many tools which can be useful for your small problems, these tool were not heavy and they were very much reluctant. Some of them are like removing the option from Alt+Delete+Ctrl key and Switching to another user account in a click and again this time we have tried to make your working on your system easier by providing you the authority to customize the settings for the UAC with the above mentioned tool.

815201075204PM thumb - Customize, Decrease UAC Protection Level

This freeware will help you to get rid of that feature you Operating System. You can change it as per your convenience, The options which can be seen in the application window as shown above in the snapshot can be explained as follows:

  • Turn Off UAC: this feature will require the system restart and it will turn Off the UAC feature.
  • Enable Elevation without prompt for Administrator: This option will disable the UAC for the Administrator and for the other users, UAC will still be enable.
  • Switch to Default UAC settings: This will make no change to the UAC settings on your system.
  • Switch UAC to user friendly: This option will disable the UAC feature for all the Window and Microsoft based tools and applications.
  • Keep UAC on: As the name tells it all, no matter what may be the previous settings, it will keep the UAC turned ON.

If you press the Hide option then it the tool will be minimized on the tray, from where you can see all the options available in the context menu.

The size of this tool is very small i.e. around 200 Kbs and it is portable. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download UAC Controller Tool