di - Change the Time and Date on which your file was moYou must have observed that all the files and folders which are present in the folder also display the date on which they were modified. This information related to time and date which is mentioned in the file is called as Time stamp of a file and we generally do not know how to change it. Sometimes we want that we can mark the Time and Date in that file according to our desire as it will be very convenient to memorize the records of those files and folders. Today i will be reviewing about a tool which can easily do this for you and the name of this tool is Restamper.

This tool will help you to change the date in the Time stamp of the files and folders. It will not only change the date and time to any date in the past but it can mark your timings and date to any date in the future. Thus with the help of this tool you will be able to organize the files and folders on the basis of your choice.

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The application window of this freeware can bee seen in snapshot above. Where you can see the that above there is an option of Stamp and with the help of which you will be selecting the file whose time stamp will be changed. Now you can modify the fields of timings and date in the three fields Created, Last Modified and Last Accessed.

All the three fields are specified in the application window and they can be either increased or decreased as per the convenience of the user. Once you click on those fields a separate window will appear and their you can manually put any date and time for that particular field. As you change the Time stamp of a file, it will produce an output folder which will consist the log file, which will contain the report of the operation which was performed by that tool. As many time you perform the operation that many folders you will find for each input file on the destination.

The size of this tool is small i.e. around 400 Kbs and it is portable, so you can carry it anywhere on your USB drive. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.