Orkut team has seemed to rolled out a new search page on orkut with some better features in place, which make search more easy and precise to use. Following are some new features that has been added to make searching more fun of experience than frustrating one.

The new orkut search page was built using the Google Web Toolkit, making it more interactive and faster than ever. Just try it yourself and feel the change!
Cleaner and easier to read
When showing you the search results, our new page design makes it easy for you to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

Simpler filters
We’ve moved the filters to the left side of the page, and made them simpler to use to refine your search query and find exactly what you’re looking for.
One-click safe browsing setting
Part of improving orkut is also making it more safe every day, so now you have the option to switch the safety filter on or off directly on the search page, also on the left side. The safety filter gives you a more fun and safe experience, because it only shows profiles and communities that have been screened for potentially inappropriate content.

orkut new search page thumb - Faster, Quick Search Page On Orkut

All these changes has revolutionized the way orkut search works, now it much easier to search and found people, communities or topics on orkut with the new search rolled out for everyone. You can submit your feedback about how do you like the new orkut search interface here