di - Run or Test Android OS On Laptop or Desktop ComputHave you wanted to get a feel of Android OS, graphics and interfaces before you actually decide to buy an android device. In this tutorial I will show you how easily you can boot your desktop or laptop computer with Android OS with any ordinary USB drive in a few minutes. I will also share a video of the same.

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Live Android CD or USB To Test Android OS

There is an awesome project called the Live-Android which creates a desktop or laptop enabled image CD and USB image of the Android OS which runs on Google Nexus one and other Android phones and tablets.

To make your own Live USB or CD, you need to follow these simple Steps:

Step 1 : Download USB / CD image files from this link.

Step 2 : Download HJ Split Tool to join these files downloaded from the above link.

Step 3 : Place all the files downloaded in step 1 in a same folder and run HJ Split tool to join the parts of these files. This will create an ISO file which we will use in further steps.

Step 4 : Download UNetbootin and run the same and insert a USB pen drive larger than 175 MB capacity to USB port of your PC. Select the Diskimage option as shown below and select the .iso image created in Step 3 and select the drive letter of the USB drive and press OK. This will create the USB drive, it may take a few minutes.

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Step 5 : Now connect this USB to the desktop or laptop computer where you want to test Android OS, enter the BIOS settings and ensure the USB boot device is enabled and has a higher preference than the primary hard-disk disk of your computer. Restart the computer and here you go with the Android OS.

Below is a video demonstration:

How I tested Android OS On My HP Laptop


Hope you enjoy this tutorial.
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