di - Copy, Transfer Multiple Files In Multiple Folder DIt generally happens that we all have a fixed directory to download type of data whether it a MP3 file or a video file, we download at a fixed location and when the download completes we start locating them at their receptively allotted folders. This task of cleaning that location takes lot of time when we start doing it manually. Today we will be reviewing a tool which will take care of all these problems by helping you to copy everything very precisely without even going to each and every folder. The name of this wonderful tool is jMultiFilesandDirsCopy.

Now this name seems to be little complex, but it has its own importance. J in the starting of the name tells that this needs JAVA script to be installed on your system; else this freeware will not run. Then then rest of the name tells you that it can copy multiples files to multiple directories. So, in short it will help in copying the data by saving your time and making the job less hectic.

822201051918PM thumb - Copy, Transfer Multiple Files In Multiple Folder D

As you can see from the above snapshot that there are two sections in this window, wherein one section includes the selection of the files which are supposed to be copied and the other section includes the directories in which it will be copied. First of all start selecting the files and then add them in a list, after you complete the list of the files go to the next where you will create the list of all the directories where the files will be copied.

822201051908PM thumb - Copy, Transfer Multiple Files In Multiple Folder D

Now after you complete the list of all the files and folders, you will be selecting any one of the options available in the bottom of application window. If you want to copy the files then click copy SCR and the files will be copied but if you want to move them then click SCR and then click delete SCR, all the files will be moved. After the completing the operation it will give you a log in which all the transfer information will be written.

The size of this tool is also very small, i.e. around 650 Kb, the tool will be zipped and it will be accompanied by a documentation wherein all the instruction will be given in order to use this tool. The tool is not required to be installed or in other words it is portable. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. I am sure that this tool will really help you a lot.

Download jMultiFilesandDirsCopy