di - View Full Detailed Information For A File With ExtThere are many files which are unknown to us and we generally do not dare to touch them as they can be system files, and the info available in the properties window of the file is not sufficient enough to tell that what type of file are they and if any other other file downloaded from internet is unknown to you then those properties may not help you to know that which tool will be able to run them and whether they have a copyright or not. Today i will be reviewing a tool known as Extended File Details, which will help you to see all the possible information which can be retrieved from that file.

This tool will help you to see all the info related to that file but it will not let you to edit them as many of information shown by that tool are subjected to change, so this tool will not let you change them and if you want to change any info which can be changed then you will have to follow the common method of going to properties and then editing them.

image thumb11 - View Full Detailed Information For A File With Ext

As you can see from the snapshot that there are several fields in which the information is abstracted and then if you want to run this tool then on the very top you will have to select the file which will be done by the browse option. Now after selecting the file you can see that the information has been abstracted and all possible fields has been filled. The fields include the version of the file, it name, its size, its creation date, last time when it was accessed, information about its copyright, Legal trademark, comments about the file, language and few more.

Apart from the above feature you can also save all the information in a notepad file, which will help you to have see them at any time in future, i tried this tool on a music file you can try it on any other file.

The size of this tool is very small i.e. around 600Kb and this tool was downloaded in zipped format. The best thing about this tool is that it can be launched directly from the .EXE icon and it does not gets installed or i should say that this freeware is portable. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Extended File Details