di - Enable Right Click On Pages Where It Is Disabled
di - Enable Right Click On Pages Where It Is Disabled
There are many sites, which do not allow you to select the data or save any image on their webpage. They do the following by blocking you mouse click on their webpage but need no to worry now because now i will be telling you a solution to this problem which is known as right to click and it is not an installable tool but is is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. So, if you want to use this tool then you have to work on Mozilla Firefox.

There are many sites specially, the wallpaper sites which will ask for some money if you want to access the wallpapers or if you want to copy any thing from their sites. But this add-on will help you do all those restricted things on those websites. So, from next time you can get all that paid information and wallpapers from those sites without paying them anything.

image thumb14 - Enable Right Click On Pages Where It Is Disabled

The icon can be seen above and then options are displayed below in the snapshot. Whenever when you want to use it just click that icon besides the address bar and then all the selected options will be enabled. This add on can enable the text selection, enable the context menu, enable the left and right click on the webpage. Besides these features it can also remove the timer scripts from the webpage.

image thumb15 - Enable Right Click On Pages Where It Is Disabled

You can see the options enlisted in the snapshot of the tool, wherein it can perform many small small tasks, which may be required at various point of time. It can also force the images and websites to open. Basically it performs all these operations by disabling the Java script which helps us to pass through the restricted area.

This size of this tool is very small i.e. around 20 Kbs and thus it will no time to get downloaded and as soon as it gets downloaded it will ask you to restart the browser so that it can start its operation. You can see an icon on the right of the address bar and when ever you visit any site where the click of your mouse has been blocked then you will just have to click that icon and then it will start operating. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition but basically its compatibility depends on the browser which should be Mozilla Firefox.

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