Google Real Time search has been launched with some new tools to use, google added the location based searching to real time search that means that you can get to know what people are talking about in your country or city on a specific topic or search keyword. All these search results are collected and shown to you in real time from facebook updates, tweeter tweets and other real time web services like these.

Today we will tell you a simple but useful tip on how you can filter and see the search results for a topic from your near by location like country or city, follow the procedure below to know how.

1. Go to google real time search page Google Realtime Search [ it will be up soon ] or go to this experimental link here to access the real time google search

2. Search for a keyword like in our case we searched for the new upcoming samsung galaxy tablet – below is how we got all the search results

googlerealtimesearchresults thumb - Filter Google Real Time Search Results As Per Geo+

3. Now here is how you can filter these results as per a geo location by clicking the custom location and entering a location like India, Delhi as shown in the image below and the results shown will get changed.

locationbasedrealtimesearch thumb - Filter Google Real Time Search Results As Per Geo