Some time back the new gmail interface gets live for everyone, there were some nice changes done around the gmail layout design to make it better to use. To make important things more easier to reach like mail, contacts and tasks they were made static on the interface as these are the mostly used options in gmail by all the users. Another change was the static important compose mail button which is very useful and another mostly used option in gmail.

Another important change happened was the ability to hide and show the labels in the left side bar more easily through Settings >> Labels – You can easily show or hide labels in gmail which appear in left sidebar in gmail

In order to show or hide gmail labels, go to gmail Settings >> Labels as shown in the image below and easily show and hide any labels in gmail left sidebar just with a single click.

hidelabelsingmail thumb - Show or Hide Labels In Gmail Left Sidebar Interfac

As you can see in the image above, you can not only hide or show labels but also can remove all those labels which you have created.