di - New Touch-based iPod Nano 6G May Have Old 30-pin DRumors are going strong that Apple will announce a new touch based iPod Nano at the event on September 1st. We’ve talked about this before on how these rumors first began when the prototype of a small 3x3cm touch screen showed up with an Apple signature. Earlier, this was considered an upgrade for the iPod Shuffle, but now rumors are suggesting that the Nano will be the one getting the upgrade.

Some new cases have surfaced which are suggestive of the size and connector of this new iPod Nano. Have a look.

ipod touch 4g case leak - New Touch-based iPod Nano 6G May Have Old 30-pin D

The slit at the back of the cover for the new iPod Nano seems like a space for a clip, somewhat like the one present on an iPod Shuffle, or maybe a dedicate set of controls on the back of the iPod. Though the latter seems unlikely, considering Apple’s affinity for simplicity and minimalism in their design.

Even though the new iPod Nano is expected to have a highly reduced form factor (as also suggested by the covers), sources say that it is likely to retain its conventional 30 pin dock connector to ensure compatibility with the tons of dock based accessories such as docking stations, travel chargers, fitness related equipment and others. What remains to be seen is how Apple will pull this off in such a limited space.

The covers for the iPod Touch clearly show a backside camera. However according to newly surfacing rumors, the new iPod Touch 3G will also have a front facing camera, and will thus be able to perform Facetime calls over WiFi. This also suggests that the Retina Display will also be included in the new iPod Touch, but there is no concrete source to back this up.

All that is to be done now is wait for Apple to officially announce all these exciting new upgrades on its event at San Francisco on September 1st.