di - Insert Audio To Video Files Using VideoAudioMergerYou must have worked with many tools on which you can create your own video by adding image files, music files and some videos. We have also reviewed some of them like AV video Karaoke Maker and one of the tools is already installed in the Windows OS. But they have large number of options as they are designed for clubbing videos and image files with music files, so most of the options are related to modify the images which are inserted in the video. But the tool which we will be reviewing today, has been specially developed for clubbing videos with mp3 files and the name of this tool is VideoAudioMerger.

As you can predict from the name that this tool will merge video and audio files and as it has been specially designed for clubbing video and audio files so it will be very easy to use because it does not contain much options.

image thumb30 - Insert Audio To Video Files Using VideoAudioMerger

As you can see the snapshot of the tool, wherein you can observe the simplicity of the tool. Now first of all, locate the input music file with the help of the browse option present in front of the field of input. Now, select the input video file and then again repeat the same procedure as done in selecting the music file. All the codec are already present in that tool so there is no need to install them separately.

Then after completing the above steps select the output folder location, where the clubbed file will be stored. The output video file can be of .MP4, .SWF, .FLV and .WMV format. As soon as you slick the start button on the bottom of the application window, the conversion will start and then after completion, the file will be stored at the output location. So, in just few clicks you merged a music file and video file.

The size of this tool is around 4 Mb and it will not take much time to get installed. It just has a single application window where all the options are available, everything will be done on the same window. Start making good use of this tool as meanwhile we will trying to get in touch with a tool which can be as simple as this tool but it can also be portable. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download VideoAudioMerger