NEW DELHI: The International Cricket Council (ICC) will appoint an independent commissioner to determine the fate of the three Pakistani players fighting spot-fixing charges.

“We have not punished anybody,” Pawar told Times Now channel in New York on Saturday.

“If there are some serious allegations and if the anti-corruption unit of the ICC comes to some prima facie conclusion, then we will have to send a notice to that particular player, it is not a final decision. The notice means giving them an opportunity to explain their position.”

Pawar did not say who the commissioner was or when they would be appointed but explained the protocol they would go through.

“(The) ICC appoints an independent person as the commissioner and gives (an) opportunity to the player to put his views and explanations before the commissioner and not the ICC and the commissioner’s recommendations will be final for (the) ICC.”

He also assured the Pakistani cricketers they would get a fair hearing. “This is not an action (against them). This is sort of notice given to them, an opportunity given to them to explain their position.”