di - Google Maps Instant Search Web AppNow a days, when the instant search of Google has become very much famous as now the users are not supposed to press enter or search button after filling their search field. So, I do expect that users are happy with Google, as it has become more sophisticated and an easy way to search. But today I will be sharing a great news with you and this is about Google Maps.

We generally take help of Google Maps whenever we think of visiting any unknown place or if we want to know about all the hangout places in any area and undoubtedly they are little bit heavy pages as compared to the search results of Google, so they take some more time as compared to it. Today I will be providing you with a link which can help you to introduce the same instant search with the maps also. Believe me, it is as simple as searching something on Google.

image thumb137 - Google Maps Instant Search Web App

You will just have to start writing the address in that field and then you can see the results instantaneously. But make sure that you have a good internet connection at your home because these pages are heavier as compared to the search pages of Google because they contain the images of the maps of different places. Hence everytime you add a new word to the location field, it searches the whole domain to locate that search and then it displays the whole map.

image thumb138 - Google Maps Instant Search Web App

You may find it awkward that the link provided by me is not of Google but the maps which will be shown to you, will be powered by Google as it is also written in the bottom right of the maps.You can see the snapshot of the webpage in the middle of the post, where I have searched about a location and it has been located in the middle of the webpage. Make sure to see that the maps have been powered by Google.

Besides this you will also find the feature of instant images on that site and all these services are of Google or in other words these search results will be powered by Google. If you face any problem while searching maps then there is an option for remedy to this problem but if this problem still persists, then you can let the owner of that site know about it. Now, this news would have marked a smile on your face. So, use it and Enjoy!!!!

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