di - Google Instant Images Search Web AppThere are lots of search engines, but Google has always remains the favourite among masses because of its fasted speed and ease of use. Recently Google had developed a tool Google Instant search, which provides you real time results i.e shows you result as you type and this feature was pretty amazing and has made surfing a lot easier and lesser time consuming.

You must have seen that same Google Instant search also works on Google images but their concept is that it only shows you real time text matching with your desired text. But today we are going to tell you about a new tool named Google Instant Images Search which will let you find images on Google a lot faster. This tool is developed by Michael Hart, a PHP developer, who is using Google API with php and curl and some CDN+ super caching.

The basic idea of term instant means same as there of Google Instant, YouTube Instant and Twitter Instant but as I have earlier told one modification is that it will not only show you real time text matching your search result, but even will show you real time search results in fraction of time. So it will save your few seconds for even pressing an enter key.

To use this tool go to this link. Now a web page will open as follow.

12092010230953 thumb - Google Instant Images Search Web App

At this web page type any text relating to your images and you will see all the matching images on your screen instantly while you started typing. The search results will keep on changing as you press more keywords and you will surely get your results mush before you type entire text and that too without pressing any Enter key. To see how it actually works, you can see a snapshot below.

12092010231419 thumb - Google Instant Images Search Web App

I was searching for images of Apple iPod touch and when I started typing “apple i” it not only showed me exact keyword but even showed me images relating to my search. Now for seeing exact result, you will need to click on keyword matching your search and then you will get all images which you are searching for. To open any image, just click on it and as usual it will open in another window.

Hence it will not only will make your search for images faster but will even save lots of your time. I find this tool better than most of the present image search engines and its simplicity and ease of use will surely be loved by all.