It seems that after the release of Instant search or AJAX powered search has been released by Google, everybody is mad after instant search and they want to use it on their site. Frankly speaking Microsoft Bing and Yahoo search both are speechless after Google uncovered its suspense of new innovation. You may see my post after this one or you must have seen it before this one where I have already mentioned about Flickr Instant search and recently I have mentioned about the instant search of Google Maps and Google image results.

And now I will be telling you about a site, with the help of which you can search instantly on Twitter. Now when Yahoo site Flickr already has this then it was quite expected that Twitter will also have this feature, but still all of this was possible due to the innovation made by Google. So, the link which will be provided at the end of this post will consist of Twitter instant search.

image thumb154 - Another Instant Search App For Twitter

Now in the snapshot of the webpage you can see on the top there is the search field, where you can search the keywords in relation to which you want the resulting tweets to be searched. As soon as you complete the search text, you will get the list of all the possible users on twitters who tweet about that topic and then you can easily tweet them as they are present collectively under a single window. This also helps in solving another problem, as when we are not sure about the exact phrase which should be typed in that field, in order to get the optimum results.

You can also see that there is an option of like for facebook where you can like that instant search feature. Now this is something which is very much useful for all the users who are making tweets as from now onwards this feature is not unique with Google because Yahoo has already copied it for Flickr and Twitter. I do expect that within few days all the sited will have AJAX powered or instant search for anything to be searched in their website.

Hope to see this soon also. So, all the dear readers this is one of the four news which are related to instant search and all of them have been posted recently. Really, I am fed up of writing about this feature, but still anything for you people. So, read it use it and enjoy!!!!

Instant Search For Twitter