di - iTunes Instant Search Web AppSo, I am here again with a post related to instant search for another site and honestly speaking this was really very helpful for me. As few days back I was searching for a website which can provide with the latest songs associated to any of the singers which I want and then Abhishek helped with this solution and now I will be sharing with it with you all. This instant search is related to the website of iTunes and as already mentioned it will help you search any of the songs by the name of the artist and then you will be able to buy it or see it on the iTunes site.

Now, if you have noticed then I must say till now we have many articles related to instant search, when Google released it instant search I thought that this will be one of the unique features which Google search engine has, but till now I have mentioned instant search in Flicker then I have also mentioned about instant search in Twitter and then today I will be telling you about the instant search for iTunes which is product of Apple and hence Apple is also in this field of instant search.

image thumb162 - iTunes Instant Search Web App

As you can see from the snapshot that on the very top of this page you will have to type the search keyword and then as soon as you stop writing the keyword it complete the text in that field it will show you about all the search results in form of thumbnail, where all the songs titles will be present with their clip art and when you will click on any of them, it will direct you towards the original iTunes store, where you can see the details of that song or you can buy it online from that Apple store.

So, this is again a website which can facilitate with the instant search for iTunes store and I think there few more to come. You can visit our post for Google image instant search, Google instant maps search, Flickr instant search and twitter instant search. I am sure that even if you are not interested in buying songs from here it can help you by providing you with the information related to all the latest songs in the present market. Well only Microsoft is left to use that instant search. Let see what happens next. Use it and Enjoy!!!

Instant Search iTunes