di - Submit, Index New Website or Blog To Google, Yahoo
di - Submit, Index New Website or Blog To Google, Yahoo
Today we will be reviewing about a tool which can help you to make your website popular by indexing as per the others review it really worked for them, but lets see what will happen in our case. The name of this tool is Website Indexer and it is used to make your site popular by creating the back-link of your website and thus your site can be searched easily by the users. This tool will make your connected with top 50 search engines and thus your rank will also increase.

image thumb31 - Submit, Index New Website or Blog To Google, Yahoo

This is the first that I will be writing about and experiencing this tool. Now you can see in the snapshot that this tool has two tabs in its application window. Where one tab will be used to index your website and the other tab includes the advertise of their other features which you will have to buy and according to the developer this works more efficiently as compared to the first tab.

Now, to start of just enter the website and the keyword related to your website. Make sure that you enter a single word in that field of Keyword. Now as soon as you start, the tool will take some time depending upon the internet connection at your home. It will try to connect to many of the websites but it will not enlist the names of those websites in the log below. If it found the title then it will show the name of the title or else it will show No Title. You can also see the ranking of your website in the log.

After completing the indexing you will be able to see the difference. While the indexing is being done you can see that every site on which back-link is being created has its own description for your website and this can be seen from the log present inside that window.

The size of this tool is around 500 Kb, which is the zipped size of the tool. The tool will get installed very easily and then you can use it easily as it is very simple which can be observed by the snapshot shown far above in this review. I expect that this tool will show its colors and will be on our expectations and you will be able to see the results after a day and so. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

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