di - New Features Coming Up In Yahoo Mail Beta InterfacYahoo mail interface will be getting more cleaner, faster and easier to use, In the coming months you will see some changes and a design overhaul, Once the changes roll out, you’ll notice a snappier feel to many of the core features in Yahoo! Mail as shown in the image below.

YahooMailBetawithIMFinal thumb - New Features Coming Up In Yahoo Mail Beta Interfac

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Following are sneak peeks which will tell you about the upcoming news feature and design.

1. Yahoo! Mail Beta will have a cleaner, sleeker interface that will make it easier for you to navigate through your inbox and use other features built into the product. You’ll see this look and feel when you go access Yahoo! Mail Beta on your PC browser, mobile device, or tablet.

2. Yahoo! Mail will become faster and more accessible, enabling users to download and respond to messages in lightning speed.

3. Yahoo! Mail Beta will continue to offer great anti-spam features to keep your inbox free of clutter.

Moreover you will be able to view and update your Facebook and Twitter pages from your inbox..

In short, Yahoo mail will be more than just a mail as said by Yahoo mail team, lets see.

[ Source Yahoo Mail Blog ]