di - Google Coming Up With Two Step Verification For GoGoogle proudly announced that in the present scenario there are over 3 million business which are totally dependent on Google or in other words I should say that they are totally dependent for tools which are used for communicating through messages, using development tool and other necessary services. Now I must say that this is really not a small milestone to achieve. In this modern world, where Google is itself a very big name where all the famous applications and web-services are developed and please do not forget the main reason for this strong hold of Google in market, which is its search engine.

image thumb169 - Google Coming Up With Two Step Verification For Go

Few weeks back you must have read that Google developed it indexed or AJAX powered search and many of the other web services like Twitter, Flickr, Google maps and image search also followed this trend and I really expected that within coming years most of the sites will have this feature. After announcing this milestone, Google also promised that within coming years it will enhance the security for all its services and products.

Specifically, I must say that that phone which were equipped with Android platform or if you are using iPad or even if you are the administrator of any application of any firm and you want to access Google web services and application then you will have to go through two step verification, wherein in the first step, you will have to enter the user-id and password for your account and then you will have to enter the code for the verification which will be given to you at the time when you will access that Google application for the first time from your device and that code will be available on any of your mobile or any other handheld communication device. Now these type or level of security will help the users to stay away from scams like phishing, password reuse and many more.

Not only security issues but it will also enable the features to for the Android phone and iPad, like it has enabled a new feature to edit the Google Docs on Android phone and iPad. Now, when more and more company will be depending on Google to meet their necessary requirements, then these issue will have to be kept in mind and then these are supposed to be improved form time to time. Stay in touch with us, we will keep you updated.