di - Add Files, Folder or Web Pages Shortcuts In WindowWindows 7 has become so much popular because of its exciting features. And one of its exciting feature is its Taskbar where now you can pin any application. This feature is probably one of the best new feature added in Windows 7. You can only pin your applications in your taskbar but am sure that you must have find this option so much handy that you even want to pin your important files and folders.

But unfortunately Windows 7 doesn’t allow to add your files and folders. So today we will be telling you about a tool named Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner using which you can even add files, folders and even web pages in your taskbar. It is even a very simple tool to manage all the pinned application of your taskbar.

It is a very light application and even requires no installation. It is portable and you can run this tool on any computer with the help of pen drive or other portable device. When you will click on its exe file, you will see the following window.

20092010234832 thumb - Add Files, Folder or Web Pages Shortcuts In Window

In the right hand side, you can see all those applications which are currently pinned in your taskbar. There is a list of predefined folders which is given on the main window. You can add any folder among them by just placing a tick before that folder’s name. You can even add any desired folder or a file by click on “…” which is given just adjacent to Path box.

Then this tool will ask that whether you want to add a folder or a file. Select any option and then browse to that particular file and folder. Once you add the path of that particular file or folder, repeat similar process to give an icon to that folder or file. You can give icons from preloaded icons which come in you Windows 7 or can even download icon from web. Once done, click on Add Item and then this tool will automatically pin that file or folder to your taskbar with the desired icon.

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Once you pinned all the stuff in your taskbar, you may want to change them in future. So using this tool you will find it too easy to unpin anything from the taskbar. Just open this tool and then select all those items which you want to remove from taskbar. Once done, click on Unpin Item button and then all those items will get unpinned in fraction of second.

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The size of this tool is 53.6 Kb and it requires no installation. This tool is compatible with all editions of Windows 7 and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Winloas7 Taskbar Items Pinner