Android phones with android operating system version 2.1 or above have a notification bar which keeps you aware about the different actions and notifications like new mail, new facebook notifications, new calendar events and phones related notifications.

This notification status bar stays at the top and every time you need to see the notifications in details you will need to slide your finger vertically downwards holding your finger over the notification bar to pull it down to shown the notifications in detailed view as shown in the image below.

androidnotifications thumb - Pull Down Notification Bar In Single Tap Without T

Today we will tell you about a simple app for android with which you can easily and more quickly pull down the notifications bar by tapping that application icon, read on further to know more

The application name is HelloStatusBar which is a simple application that open or expand notification bar when the app icon gets clicked or tapped, as shown in the image below, this is how you can place the app icon of HelloStatusBar and you just need to tap the app icon to pull down the notification bar and expand it.

hellostatusbar thumb - Pull Down Notification Bar In Single Tap Without T