Find The Google Search Text Phrase You Were Searching For On A Webpage
di - Find The Google Search Text Phrase You Were Search
di - Find The Google Search Text Phrase You Were Search

Ever wondered if you could finish your internet research projects early, so that you can go out and enjoy with your friends or do something+productive.We spend a lot of time searching for the exact+piece+of +information we want by going through loads of web pages and Yes, we know it is pretty frustrating and time consuming. Sometime ago it was not possible for a person to perform an intensive research on a subject quickly because there is too much information available on the internet.

Google have launched a new browser extension for its search engine known as the Google Quick Scroll .

This smart Google Chrome extension provides the luxury of using Google search features even after entering into one of the search results which are provided to you by the Google search engine.It helps you to save your time by intelligently looking at the words entered by you in the query and showing the best matched links on the page in a small box at the bottom right corner of your web browser.This becomes very useful when a person is doing a research on something which requires a lot of study from vast databases of useful information available on the web, for example from websites like Wikipedia.

Installing this feature is free and very easy but we have to keep mind that, currently it only supports Google Chrome after installing the beta channel.

What you have to do is, just enter Google Quick Scroll in the Google search engine query box, that way you will get the latest version available.

After doing so, click on the relevant link and a screen will appear which will look a bit like this :

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This screen will explain a bit about, what actually the use of the extension is and show you which latest version is available.

You will also see a big blue button with install written on it.Press the button and there you go.

A confirmation screen will pop up stating that this extension will be accessing your data on all websites and your browsing history.

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After selecting the install button it will automatically download and install the latest updated version.

Now lets see How It Works

We entered a query “ the farthest spacecraft travelled from earth” and clicked on the first available search result.

this is how it looks :

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pay attention to the lower right corner of the web browser, there is a small box which says “Matches in page for the farthest spacecraft travelled from earth”.

This is Google Quick scroll and this is how it looks when zoomed in :

2 thumb1 - Find The Google Search Text Phrase You Were Search

In this box there is a new link relating to the query you entered, by clicking on this link you will straight away be taken to the next paragraph which gives you information about Voyager spacecraft , which has travelled the farthest distance away from earth.

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Also there is an option of extending this window by clicking on the “ More Matches ” tab which then shows more matching links present on the page,

After clicking on the +“More Matches” tab the box looks like :

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with all these options you can find out the exact information you want without having to go through whole page. This actually saves a lot of time and+increases the productivity output of a person by binding all the available search information in a small box. Now you have all the information available on the page at your disposal and you have to only choose the topic which you think would be useful to you.Then you can collapse the box by clicking on the“Fewer matches” tab when finished.

This extension is a must have for all the people who research on topics on which there is too much available on the internet and pages that include large concentrations of paragraphs and segments.+Google Quick Scroll is very easy to install and use and it only appears when there is an actual need, hence eliminating unwanted pop ups and irritating disturbances.

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