Facebook Stuff Will Show Up Under Bing Searches
di - Facebook Stuff Will Show Up Under Bing Searches
di - Facebook Stuff Will Show Up Under Bing Searches

We have always been telling you that Facebook is the most widely used Social Networking Website in the world. In this post I will be telling you about the news that Facebook and Bing results have been merged in a very productive search result. Now we initially mentioned in the news that Microsoft and Yahoo have always been trying to pull back Google and that is there was news on the web where it was mentioned that Yahoo and Microsoft have joined their hands in competing with Google, but still that was not enough. But this step taken by Microsoft may really add something to the stats of the Bing search by Microsoft.

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We generally give our honest views on Facebook and would like to see the suggestion made by our dear friends regarding different hang-out places, movies, restaurant and many more.+ If you really want to do so then the first thing which will come in your mind is to login to the Facebook account and then perform the search. But this problem has been resolved now, as Microsoft’s Bing and Facebook have joined their hands.

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Now next time whenever you will search something on Bing you will notice that all the friends which are linked to that search keyword will be shown one of the search result box and then you will also be able to see the comments and suggestions made by them in respect to that search keyword. I must that this initiative really counts a lot. Initially when Microsoft convinced Yahoo to merge its search engine with Bing then I never thought i will ever be able to come closer to Google because as per the stats, even if Microsoft merges its search engine with 5 Yahoo-like search engines then also it cannot come closer to Google.

But I must say that this will definitely add some thing to Microsoft and then we all know that Facebook is growing popular day by day as it is continuously winning the heart of its users by providing then such a high security for their personal user accounts. I feel that this new feature in the search engine of Bing will add wonders, so we will try our best to keep you all updated with the information related to this news and if meanwhile you come across any piece of information which should be shared among the users then please do not hesitate to put it down in the comments as we will be glad to share them.