Get Notified When Files In A Folder Deleted, Added or Changed
di - Get Notified When Files In A Folder Deleted, Added
di - Get Notified When Files In A Folder Deleted, Added

There are certain locations in your system which should be monitored regularly like your workspace folder, where you initially store all of the data and incomplete work haphazardly and then after their completion you move them to their respective location. So you should know that file was added recently which file was recently renamed and which was the last file to be deleted. Today we will be reviewing a tool known as Directory Monitor and it is a one-stop solution to your problem.

Let me take an example of your download folder where all the partially downloaded files are stored and after they are completely download you either rename them or directly shift them. This tool will help to monitor those folders by creating the log of all the changes which are made inside that folder. It will report it to you instantly and even if any virus or malware tries to rename or delete your data then you will be intimated about that operation as this will be entered in the log or you may be notified by popup notification on the tray.

image thumb20 - Get Notified When Files In A Folder Deleted, Added

As you can see the snapshot of the application window of that tool, where initially you will have to add the folder or any location which should be monitored and then when ever you will make any change in that location then that change will be noted down in that log and then after sometime it will notified with the popup. For example I created and new folder and shifted four files into that folder so this change was detected and then notified in the log and after sometimes a popup also notified me.

image thumb21 - Get Notified When Files In A Folder Deleted, Added

The screenshot of the popup can be seen above. You can also save the log of that folder. After you launch this tool , it will check your internet connection and then and then it will download some files which will be around 900Kb heavy after downloading them it will install that tool and then you can use it clicking the desktop shortcut icon.

The size of this freeware is around 500 Kb and during installation it will download some files as mentioned above. So, while installing make sure that you are connected to internet. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.