Free CSV Files Editor For Windows
di - Free CSV Files Editor For Windows
di - Free CSV Files Editor For Windows

Some of us might not be knowing that for editing any CSV files, we have to create the templates first. Because whenever we edit any csv files, we would be knowing what would be the basic structure of the csv and how many fields does the csv file has.

So, we have to first define the template and then we have to open or create any number of csv files with that template. For making this process simple, there is a freeware called CSVStar which will enable you to work and play with CSV files with some expert features.

CSVStar is an effective tool which is tightly coupled with the template definitions so that it recognizes well about the base which you are going to work on. This tool is compatible with windows 7, vista ,xp and 2000.

This tool is portable and does not need any installation. You just have to run the application. The main window will appear like this.

Since, templates are the basic entity and concept of CSVStar. So, it is necessary to define the template before operating on CSV files. For this, use ‘Template manager’ option present in the toolbar.

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This will open a new window of templates. For creating a new template, just right-click on the template list and select ‘New’ which will open a new window where you can give the desired name to your template. You can also import the saved templates in your system.

After creating template, create the fields under it – data, header and trailer fields.

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After that, the template will be added to the list. You have to choose the template in the list and it will create appropriate columns in the grid as show below. Top yellow portion is called as Search Panel. It will be useful for searching based on the term. In side portion, the pale red color is the portion where the data will be edited.

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After that, you can add the data to it by using the option of ‘Add new’ in the right-side window and click ‘save’ after filling the information which will appear directly in the left-window.

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You can also add header and trailer by clicking the respective options easily.

You can copy or delete the respective data if required by just right-click on the row and choose the respective option.

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