Create Keyboard Shortcut To Run, Open Anything On Windows
di - Create Keyboard Shortcut To Run, Open Anything On
di - Create Keyboard Shortcut To Run, Open Anything On

Shortcuts through keyboard keys are always helpful as they make us to do our work at a nice pace. We generally have shortcuts to different applications on our desktop but it is really very convenient when we go for using the keyboard shortcuts. What will you feel+ if I tell you about a freeware with the help of which you can open any website through shortcut keys without even opening a browser. Today we will be reviewing a tool which will help you to create keys based shortcuts for any command which will run can run on your system. You can call this tool as Shortcutor and it is really magnificent, you will know why!!!

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This tool will let you to create shortcuts for opening a website, launching any application, increasing or decreasing a volume or any other operation. This tool will have some default shortcuts already created like increasing or decreasing the volume, shutting down or restarting the computer and few more which can be seen in the snapshot shown below. This will not create the permanent shortcuts in your system but as long as the tool is being launched on the system these shortcuts will work.

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As soon as you launch this tool it will be minimized on the taskbar tray and then if you want to use it then just give a single click to it and then you can configure it according to your needs. Now, You can see there is an option named as ‘’ and there is shortcut link written in front of it, which is ‘Alt+T’. This link has been created by me. If you want to add the link then use the toolbar and then add a blank field, now start filling the blank field, in the very first column entry you will have to name the shortcut and then you will have to decide the application or the any command which has to be performed by that shortcut.

Now you will have to fill the shortcut key entry where you will enter the name of the keys which are supposed to be pressed in order to use that shortcut. That’s it you will be easily able to open that site with the help of keys without even opening the browser. As automatically the browser will be opened. The size of this tool is around 2.6 Mb and it compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 Ultimate edition.