Alternative Fast Windows File Folder Search Tool
di - Alternative Fast Windows File Folder Search Tool
di - Alternative Fast Windows File Folder Search Tool

It is human tendency to leave and forget things. Most of the times we put something somewhere and just forget about it, till the time we need it very importantly or urgently.That is the time we start searching for it and get frustrated if we don’t get it back in time. That may cause a big loss or just make you look irresponsible in front of your bosses in case it is an important file or a project.It happens a lot of the time with people with loads of data on their laptops or computers.It is just not possible for a person to keep track of thousands of files and folders present on the memory which accumulate with time. May it be pictures, song or a document all of us have a pile of them on our computers.

Fortunately we have a new powerful file search engine from MariusSoft that searches for a any given type of file of a given specification. Now you don’t have to worry anymore for all the important files and folders which you know, are there on the computer but not where exactly. Also it not only works for a single computer but also for any remote computer connected by a network.MariusSoft File Searcher is a free software which quickly locates a file according to user’s search criteria.

The user interface is very simple and easy to use and simplicity with functionality is the only reason why it is a bit ahead of all the other similar products available in the market of the same kind. Also there are couple of themes available which retain the colorful outlook of the software even after long use.

As soon as we run the program the first window that pops up is+ :

file1 thumb1 - Alternative Fast Windows File Folder Search Tool

Notice that there are two sections present. The upper one is used to enter the search criteria and the the Lower one shows the search results.

Then the upper box is further divided into four sections Location, Contents, File Types and Date And Size.These options help you to save your time and simplify your search by separating the tabs according to their functionality.

Lets look at the first option : Location

In the above picture we can clearly see that this tab helps you to add locations where you want to search your files for.This option can be useful when you know the main directory or the partition or maybe even the folder name where you think that the file might be present. This in turn saves the search time by searching for the file in the specified location. This can also be helpful when there are files present with the same names in different subfolders and you want a file from a specific folder .In order to search in the subfolders too you have to check the “search subfolders”box at the lower left corner of the upper window.You can also add, remove or clear your selection anytime before the search begins with the help of the corresponding buttons.

The next option is : Contents

file2 thumb1 - Alternative Fast Windows File Folder Search Tool

This window is quite similar to the previous one but the only difference is that it lets you search the file with the specific content you are looking for in addition to the specified location hence saving the search time.Pressing the add button will open up a new window, In this new window you can choose from the Expression or even the exact Case Sensitive or Regular expression options. With this option you can easily search for files or a page in a E Book or a presentation for that matter.

Third option is : File Types

3 thumb1 - Alternative Fast Windows File Folder Search Tool

With this tab you can search your files according to their file types by disabling the “search all files” option.You can enter the specified file types you want to search for and save a lot of time by enabling the application to bypass the vast proportions of files present on the computer.

The Last option is : Date and Size

file4 thumb - Alternative Fast Windows File Folder Search Tool

This tab allows you to search your files according to their date and size. All you have to do is,First select the desired criteria as created, modified or last accessed.Then you can select the time period and in the end you can select the+ approximate file size if you are aware of it.

After all the above given steps are complete you just have to press the start button at the center of the window and voila !! We have the exact information we were looking for.

final thumb1 - Alternative Fast Windows File Folder Search Tool

To conclude we would say that this is a simple tool which can be very useful.Though it is a freeware application it has a beautiful interface and stylish looks.It provides so many+ options with the search criteria that it definitely helps in finding the desired file with ease in no time.