Windows 7 SP1 Pre RC Download Leaked
di - Windows 7 SP1 Pre RC Download Leaked
di - Windows 7 SP1 Pre RC Download Leaked

Windows is the most popular operating system used around the world and for maximum organizations it has become the backbone. Cost of these OS packs are too costlier and thus people try their best to get it illegally. So most of the times Windows OS and Microsoft Office packs are under attack and they keep on getting leaked from time to time. Now, it may seem hilarious to you but it is true as Microsoft cannot help it.

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In this news post I will be telling you about a similar incident wherein recently the pre-RC build of Windows 7 service pack 1 has been leaked and people are mad about downloading it, though my personal suggestion will be not to deal with that leaked version as it will be of no use to you, the build has been released is of Chinese language and moreover this build will work till 11.09.2011 and moreover they are not recommended as they might be tampered by their releasers. Rather it will be good if you can wait for one more week as the genuine copy will be released by 23rd October for the same build.

But still if you are dying to have a look at it then you can simply find it by searching it on Google or you can also find on any other torrent site. Just download it and then lay your hand on the best leaked version by Microsoft till date. The name of the build was 7601.17104.100921-1630 and thus that date and time which is 4.30 p.m. can be realized when this build was released.

We will try our best to keep you updated with all the latest information related to this leak as I will again recommend that if you are a freak and want to taste this new flavor then you can download it from Google or any other torrent site. But if you really have some patience and do not want to take any risk then you can wait for 23rd October as by then you might get the original release of that build. Meanwhile if you get your hand on any sort of useful information related to this news which can be shared then please let us now by putting it down in the comments as we will be glad to share it. Have a nice Day!!!