MacBook Pro Coming As MacBook Air With 11.1 Inches Screen On 20 Oct 2010 [Rumor]
di - MacBook Pro Coming As MacBook Air With 11.1 Inches
di - MacBook Pro Coming As MacBook Air With 11.1 Inches

Today luckily I have the opportunity to tell you about the new Apple product which was unleashed recently. Now as usual this product is something special and it will really surprise you, once I start telling you about the features. Now a days when brands like Vaio and Dell are busy in the production of smaller laptops, then how can you expect Apple to be far away from this competition. Apple waited, searched and then produced a product which set an example for the others. This product was launched in a special event named as “Back To The Mac” and there is still a rumor that may be this product will be launched with the screen size of 11.1 inches.

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You can call this product as MacBook Air, now you can get an idea about its features from its name. Its name includes air and this tells us that it should be light in weight. This is the most basic feature or the most desirable specification for buying a mini laptop and luckily Apple has taken care for it. It is really very thin and it weighs lighter than the combined weight of 14 nail polish or I should say that it weighs 3 pounds only.

Its body is made up of Aluminum and the battery backup provided is 5 hrs, which is really magnificent. Did you noticed something?? that all the features which I have mentioned by now are really obvious but still they are exceptional. These features are ought to be in every laptop which is small but the mini launched by Acer, HP, Dell and few more do not include these things. This MacBook is equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Nvidia GE Force 9400M, so this light weight gadget is equipped with high speed processor and with a heavy graphics card, so gaming will not be a problem.

Believe I do not have words to describe its appearance and this common for all the Apple products. This laptop has 120 GB hardisk and have a display of 13.3 inches widescreen with LED backlight. By now you must have got an idea that this is the best mini laptop by now and I would recommend you to go for it. Now lets see that whether this product will really be reduced further. Don’t worry we will keep you updated.