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LAHORE: Former Pakistan captain Salim Malik has threatened to expose the truth behind the match-fixing inquiry report that came out about 10 years ago.

Malik was banned for life on the recommendations of the one-man inquiry tribunal headed by Justice (retd) Malik Qayyum in 2000 while five other players were let off with fines as the tribunal didn’t find sufficient evidence to ban them.

“Why was I made the scapegoat, it is a travesty of justice that the other players who were named, suspected and questioned in the match fixing inquiry are now all holding prime cricket positions,” he said.

The 47-year old Malik, who leads a secluded life, said in an interview that it pains him to see Waqar Younis coaching the Pakistan team or Mushtaq Ahmed coaching the England team and Akram Reza working as a first class umpire in Pakistan.

“They were all named in the inquiry. And if the findings were correct then how are they holding official positions now?” asked Malik in a television interview.

He said that he would fight for justice as even Justice Qayyum had admitted on a talk show that he didn’t have enough evidence to ban him (Malik).

“He (Justice Qayyum) admitted he punished me on the will of some strong cricket personalities and legends.

“I have become an outcast in society and I have suffered a lot in the last 10 years because of the ban. I want to know why I was targeted,” Malik said.

Malik has made several appeals in the lower and higher courts against his life ban but it still remains.

As a result of which he cannot hold any official position or job in the PCB nor can he openly take part in coaching or other cricketing activities authorised and recognised by the PCB or ICC.
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