Use Hotmail Features On Redirected Mails From Other Email Accounts
di - Use Hotmail Features On Redirected Mails From Othe
di - Use Hotmail Features On Redirected Mails From Othe

Today I am to going share a great news with you all and let me tell that it is really very exciting. In this post I will be telling you about using the features of Hotmail through any other email address. It is quite interesting as recently many of the nice features have been added to Hotmail and so you will able to take advantage of those with your previous e-mail addresses. Take a look, I am sure you will like it.

hotmail logo thumb - Use Hotmail Features On Redirected Mails From Othe

You must have seen recently that several new features have been added to Hotmail like increased attachment size, now you can attach maximum of 10 Gb attachment in a mail. Another feature is sweep and similarly few more features have been added. But you might be feeling left our if you do not have any Hotmail ID but my dear readers need not to worry it does not matter which e-mail ID you have as without changing the current e-mail address you can go for using all these Hotmail features, let me tell you how.

You will just have to create a new account on Hotmail and then you can register your currently used e-mail address with the inbox Hotmail. Once you register any other e-mail ID with that account you will see an option named as Send as which will let you to change the e-mail address from the Hotmail e-mail ID to the currently used e-mail which has been registered by you. The mail will be sent through the Hotmail account using all the features of Hotmail but the e-mail address will be of your choice. So, next time when you see an e-mail from Gmail account with an attachment of 5 Gb then do not get astonished. Hmmm. so how was it???

I am sure that you will remember this feature of Hotmail and will open a new Hotmail account today. We will try our best to keep you updated with all the new information related to the new changes and anything new to Hotmail but meanwhile, if you get to know anything then please let us know by putting that down in the comments section as if it was found genuine then we will be glad to share it with the other readers. Keep Reading take care and have a nice day!!!