Facebook User Information Sold By A Developer
di - Facebook User Information Sold By A Developer
di - Facebook User Information Sold By A Developer

Now matter how hard Facebook tries, people find their way to create mess on Facebook. We have been publishing huge number of amendments made by Facebook in order to make the users feel secure, but today I will be telling you another news which may make you feel insecure on Facebook. I will be telling you How do they do it and why do they do it? I hope that I will not be scaring you too much icon wink - Facebook User Information Sold By A Developer

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We know that whenever an application is accessed, it demands the permission from the user to access the information related to the user and that is the reason we see a window in which allow button is to be clicked if we want to play the application. Once you click that button then the game is permitted to access the complete information related to you and then+ it might happen that the owner of that game can easily access your data. This is the only way to see or access the personal information of any user on Facebook without being known to him or her.

On investigation it was found that UIDs were being sold by the game owners. But Facebook has commented that no personal data has been exchanged any where with the help of this one and it still says that users should not be doubtful about the security which has been offered by Facebook for their accounts and they finally said that not private has been shared with anyone on internet or anywhere. Those were only UIDs which were sold and there was nothing private in them.

I was not shocked by this news because it has been long time when Facebook has been providing information related to your account to all the applications which are available on the Facebook and I might expected that our phone numbers or addresses must have been sold to them. We will try our best to keep you updated with all the information related to this news and meanwhile if you get to know anything related to the security issues by Facebook then please let us know by putting that down in the comments we will be glad to share it with all the other readers. Keep Reading and have a nice day!!!