[How To] Yahoo Mail Allows To Use Twitter, Facebook Inside
di - [How To] Yahoo Mail Allows To Use Twitter, Faceboo
di - [How To] Yahoo Mail Allows To Use Twitter, Faceboo

With gaining popularity of social networking sites (facebook and twitter) among users, different emailing sites are making an effort towards this direction to gain back their popularity. Gmail has been providing different amendments to entertain the users. So, in response to that, yahoo mail (a big competitor) has also brought changes in its mailing facilities.

With this new feature, you can add facebook and twitter to your account and get all the updates from your friends inside the yahoo mail. You can also post your updates on these sites.

For this, you just have to just go to this link of Yahoo pulse page : http://pulse.yahoo.com/y/cred_store or you can directly go to the ‘What’s new’ tab of your updated yahoo mail.

Here, you first have to link to these accounts and refresh the page and you are ready to get updates from your friends and let others see your updates from yahoo mail only. You just have to click on the box ‘get something to share.?’ and mark the site on which you want to update your status and its done. It will save your time in login to these sites and setting updates.

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Yahoo mail also provide the option of managing your updates and other settings in the option of ‘Manage settings’ where you can unselect the people with whom you do not want to share your updates. Also, you can select the people whose updates you do not want to see. It definitely provide a wide range of settings which is enough for all users.

Really, this feature is great and will help yahoo to gain its popularity back. We will keep you updated with more you new features so that it will be easy for you to take the maximum benefit from them.