Add Matrix Style Windows Lock Screen
di - Add Matrix Style Windows Lock Screen
di - Add Matrix Style Windows Lock Screen

Whenever you want to lock the screen of your computer, you are required to go to start menu and then click on Lock option or alternatively you can even press the keyboard shortcut i.e Win key+L. This will immediately lock the screen of your computer and then you won’t be able to see your desktop until you unlock that screen. Generally anyone can unlock the screen if you haven’t set any log in password.

But how about using a matrix styled computer lock screen with a cool appearance and added security features. Quark is a powerful security tool which will help you protect your computer from unauthorized access by taking over your system and denying any user interaction until the correct password has been provided. It will fill the screen with Matrix styled green characters in rows and will show the password in the bottom.

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This is how your screen will appear when you run this tool. To use this tool first download it from the link given at the bottom. Then open that RAR file and in that file you will see two exe files with name ‘QLoad.exe’ and ‘Quark.exe’. First unzip all the present files to any desired location and then double click on QLoad.exe. You will see the following window when you double click on it.

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So here you can enter any desired password in the box. Repeat the same password in the second box and then simply click on Quark to save this password for unlocking the screen. Now once the password is set, you can use this tool. Simply click on Quark.exe to lock the screen of your computer. Whenever you want to unlock the screen, simply enter the password in the middle of the screen and then press Enter key to unlock.

When the screen is locked, you can’t access any application of the computer although the running application will continue to run in the background. Even Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn’t works when the computer is locked. You can resume to your desktop screen only when you hit the correct password. The visual and sound effects of lock screen looks very cool and you must give it a try.

The size of Quark is 979 Kb and there is no need to install this tool and you will need to extract the files present in RAR file to use this tool. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Quark