Add Links, Change Background Color Of Home Page In IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
di - Add Links, Change Background Color Of Home Page In
di - Add Links, Change Background Color Of Home Page In

For accessing the internet, most of us normally use some of the top web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Opera. Today, every latest web browser has a feature of showing the thumbnail links of all the top priority web pages on the main window. Recently you all must be knowing that Google has introduced an option to set a home page for Google window. It has been highly appreciated by most of the users worldwide and now you all must keen to know how to set home page image for your web browser.

So today we are going to tell you about a tool named HomePage Maker which is portable application that allows you to customize your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Opera browser home page. This tool will not only allow you to edit home page image but even allow you to add more number of custom links, display color for background, customize font size etc.

HomePage Maker has been developed by Lee Whittington for windows only and it is absolutely free for non commercial use. It is a very light weight application and this utility also has simple graphical interface. You can run it directly from its exe file. When you double click on its exe file, you will see the following window.

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So on the top of the tool, you can see various options using which you can easily customize the appearance of your Web browser. You can choose the font type, color, size, search box, Background image or color etc. from the various options given at top. Put a tick mark on checkbox to Set these settings for Internet Explorer Homepage and then click on Create. It will then show you the window to add URL’s.

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So you can use this tool to display the thumbnails of your favourite websites and also give them desired display name. This tool will allow to add a maximum of 18 thumbnail links on the main window. When you customize the options given at top, it will even show you a mini live preview of how the homepage will look in your browser. The customized home page created by this tool is saved in the program folder at the location \Homepage Maker v1\Webpage Files\Homepage.htm.

So in this way you can change the home page of your Internet Explorer but due to some restrictions with other browsers you will need to manually change the homepage through the browser settings for Firefox, Chrome and Opera. This tool basically creates a wallpaper folder and copies selected wallpapers from file to this folder to make sure all browsers will have access to the wallpapers.

The size of HomePage Maker is 470 Kb and you can run it directly from its exe file. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows, IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 ultimate-32 bit edition with IE9, Firefox 3.5.7, Chrome 7.0.517.44 and Opera 10.63.

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