Install Mac OS X Horizontal Dock In Windows
di - Install Mac OS X Horizontal Dock In Windows
di - Install Mac OS X Horizontal Dock In Windows

Today we will be reviewing about RocketDock, well if I am not wrong then you must have heard about the name or you must have seen this tool some where and today we will be telling you about this tool. This tool will simply make your desktop more beautiful by create another toolbar which will contain only those icons which are frequently used by you. So instead of keeping them on the desktop you can opt for using this tools as it will make your desktop look more beautiful by its appearance.

image thumb25 - Install Mac OS X Horizontal Dock In Windows

This tool can be placed any where on your desktop and in any direction and its appearance is glassy which will look good when you will be working on your system. More over accessing your widely used application will be very much easy with this tool.

Once you install this tool then it will be very easy to use. After installing it you will a desktop shortcut in your system. Now double click and then you will see the toolbar with different icons already present in this toolbar. Its default position will be on the center of the top of the desktop. Now if you want to make any change in that tool then click the hammer icon present on the tool as shown below in the snapshot.

image thumb28 - Install Mac OS X Horizontal Dock In Windows

An application window will appear which is quite similar to the one shown in the snapshot below. Now in that application window you can make any changes like you can make that toolbar transparent on a scale and then you can place your toolbar anywhere on the screen. You can change the zoom of the icons on the toolbar when you move your pointer towards them. If you want to delete any icon from that tool then just drag that icon out of it and the it will be automatically deleted from the tool and if you to add any shortcut then just add them by dragging the shortcut to that toolbar. You can see the new icons in the snapshot shown above in the post.

image thumb30 - Install Mac OS X Horizontal Dock In Windows

The size of that tool is around 7 Mb and it will take no time to get installed. Here we will be providing you the latest version of the tool as per the date when this post was published. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Rocket Dock