Microsoft Community Contributors Award Information [How To]
di - Microsoft Community Contributors Award Information
di - Microsoft Community Contributors Award Information

So, Microsoft decided to start with another program which will help them to promote the publicity and also provide a better support to its three majorly used sites such as MSDN, TechNet and Microsoft Answers. These are the sites which are majorly used by many of us if we are indulged with the Microsoft products in our daily life. Now let me tell you clearly that this is quite different from the MVP program by Microsoft and the name of this award program is Community Contributors Award. In this post I will be telling that how is it different from MVP and what this program is all about.

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Abhishek is one of the 4000 MVPs present across the world. Now the MVP tag is something particular, i.e. Abhishek is under the category of Windows Desktops Experience, but this will not be same for this new Community Contributor Awards, as it will cover the broader range of fields, if you want to be the contender of this award then you will have to be a mast of a specific field but you will be supposed to have all rounder knowledge related to different aspects of Microsoft Products.

Unlike MVP, you will be under surveillance by Microsoft for 6 months. Right now I do not know about the benefits of being a MVP [ Abhishek has never shared that with us :-X ] but I can tell you that after you get this new award you will a free subscription of Microsoft Press E-Reference Libraries, which gives them some access to around 400 books (definitely not a small number). Currently, this program does not involve voting or any nomination to put any of the candidates for this award. They have started this program from 10th November and it’s also expected that in coming months MVP will also have some right to nominate the users for this award.

I hope that they get a huge support with the help of this award. They are smart!!! icon wink - Microsoft Community Contributors Award Information . We will keep you updated with any new changes found related to this news topic or any other topic which is related to it and anyhow if you get to know anything related to the news topics mentioned above then please do not hesitate to share it with us, just put it down in the comments section and if we found it genuine then we will be sharing that piece of information with all the other readers on your behalf, so keep searching something useful and then let us know about it. Till then keep reading, take care of yourself and have a nice day!!!