Find Users, Devices Using Your WiFi Internet Connection
di - Find Users, Devices Using Your WiFi Internet Conne
di - Find Users, Devices Using Your WiFi Internet Conne

These days, many of us use Wireless internet connection in our home and offices so that we can move around the house and still stay connected to the internet on our laptop or Apple iphone. For this, we nned to set up a Wifi Hotspot through the laptop using a Wifi router or without it to ensure secured connection. But, if one does not do it, then, anyone in the router connectivity area can connect to this Wireless Network Connection for free and get access to the Internet leading to the low broadband speed than expected.

This can be one of the reason for the problem of low broadband speed experienced by many of the wi-fi users. And the worst part is that they are unaware about it and blame the company for providing the low speed than promised.

So, wi-fi users must keep a check on the security factors to experience a fast and secure broadband connection. The first and foremost thing which should be done is to secure wireless connection with password that will help you stay away from bandwidth theft and make sure that you get access to 100% of the speed your ISP is offering you.

If you still face the problem of low speed and you think someone is using your wireless connection for free then, there is an application called Zamzom for it which will help you catch the wi-fi thief.

Zamzom is a Wireless network tool which will find out the people who are using your wireless connection very quickly. The tool is compatible with windows 7, vista, xp and 2000. After installation, when you will run it, its main window will be like this where your computer name, MAC address, IP address and wireless ip range will be shown to you. If something is wrong then, do not worry about it, you can edit it using the option ‘edit’.

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Now, you just have to click ‘Fast scan’ for finding out the list of people who are currently using the wireless connection. It will provide you the list of the computers with their ip and MAC addresses in not more than 10 seconds. There is also an option of ‘Deep Scan’ which can be used if you suspect that not all computers are displayed in the list.

It also provide you the option of finding the name of the computer which you want to see by using the option ‘Name’ or double-clicking on the ip address.

NOTE: The option of viewing the computer name is available in the premium version which is the paid tool and not in the free version.

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