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Thread: English Poetry Polling Nov 2010

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    Default English Poetry Polling Nov 2010


    buhat buhat shukriya app sab ke participate ka
    hum is month ki polling start kar rahe hain..
    app sab ke votings ka intezar rahega.
    comp mian 13 Members ne participate kiya.

    1: Eik Member Eik hi bar Vote Cast Kr sakta hai.
    2: Apni Share ki Gayi Sharing ko Vote Cast nahi kr sakte...
    Werna Aap ka Vote Cancel kr diya jaye ga.
    3: Polling ki Last Date hai 28 Novembar

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    Default Re: English Poetry Polling Nov 2010

    bilaal ahmed

    *~The Dark Night of the Soul~*

    Dark20Night - English Poetry Polling Nov 2010
    Upon a darkened night
    The flame of love was burning in my breast
    And by a lantern bright
    I fled my house while all in quiet rest

    Shrouded by the night
    And by the secret stair I quickly fled
    The veil concealed my eyes
    While all within lay quiet as the dead.
    2133303008 c2ff874938 m - English Poetry Polling Nov 2010
    O, night thou was my guide!
    O, night more loving than the rising sun!
    O, night that joined the Lover to the beloved one!
    Transforming each of them into the other.

    Upon that misty night
    In secrecy beyond such mortal sight
    Without a guide or light
    Than that which burned as deeply in my heart.

    That fire 'twas led me on
    And shone more bright than of the midday sun
    To where He waited still
    It was a place where no one else could come.
    dark night?w600&amph448 - English Poetry Polling Nov 2010
    Within my pounding heart
    Which kept itself entirely for Him
    He fell into His sleep
    beneath the cedars all my love I gave.

    From o'er the fortress walls
    The wind would brush His hair against His brow
    And with its smoother hand
    caressed my every sense it would allow.
    alone - English Poetry Polling Nov 2010
    I lost my self to Him And laid my face upon my Lover's breast And care and grief grew dim As in the morning's mist became the light. There they dimmed amongst the lilies fair.

    O.o Ashi o.O

    it was a dark and stormy night

    the rain, relentless in its strength

    the moon had chose to hide

    in the air a morbid stench

    I drove the road away from town

    no other car I saw pass by

    the tears still on my face

    my matted hair hid specks of blood

    to the forest's edge I drove, and

    as the thunder shook my soul

    I took the rolled up carpet

    from my trunk and I walked slow

    to a spot between two trees

    I clawed and dug a hole where

    I placed the rug and covered it

    with dirt and leaves so wet

    I sped away determined

    that I would not forget, the years

    of torment at his hands

    to where it has brought me now

    on this dark and stormy night


    In visions of the dark night
    I have dreamed of joy departed,
    But a waking dream of life and light
    Hath left me broken-hearted.

    Ah! what is not a dream by day
    To him whose eyes are cast
    On things around him with a ray
    Turned back upon the past?

    That holy dream -that holy dream,
    While all the world were chiding,
    Hath cheered me as a lovely beam
    A lonely spirit guiding.

    What though that light, thro' storm and night,
    So trembled from afar,
    What could there be more purely bright
    In Truth's day-star.


    In a dark night, when the light
    burning was the burning of love (fortuitous
    night, fated, free,--)
    as I stole from my dark house, dark
    house that was silent, grave, sleeping,--

    by the staircase that was secret, hidden,
    safe: disguised by darkness (fortuitous
    night, fated, free,--)
    by darkness and by cunning, dark
    house that was silent, grave, sleeping--;

    in that sweet night, secret, seen by
    no one and seeing
    nothing, my only light or
    the burning in my burning heart,

    night was the guide
    to the place where he for whom I
    waited, whom I had long ago chosen,
    waits: night
    brighter than noon, in which none can see--;

    night was the guide
    sweeter than the sun raw at
    dawn, for there the burning bridegroom is
    and he who chose at last is chosen.


    As he lay sleeping on my sleepless
    breast, kept from the beginning for him
    alone, lying on the gift I gave
    as the restless
    fragrant cedars moved the restless winds,--

    winds from the circling parapet circling
    us as I lay there touching and lifting his hair,--
    with his sovereign hand, he
    wounded my neck-
    and my senses, when they touched that, touched nothing...

    In a dark night (there where I
    lost myself,--) as I leaned to rest
    in his smooth white breast, everything
    and left me, forgotten in the grave of forgotten lilies.

    InNoCenT GiRl

    Dark dark night storm over me
    Dark night is a holy blur
    Dark dark night stop taunting me
    Dark night and I think of her
    Dark dark night I'm so lonely
    Dark night why leave in me such a mess
    Dark dark night I feel so much
    Dark night filled with nothingness
    Dark dark night please please
    Bring the light

    2968739625 92b9144501 - English Poetry Polling Nov 2010


    One dark night

    One dark night she ran away
    Over the hills, she didn't want to stay
    She ran from the pain, from the tears in her heart
    The tears that she cried because her love fell apart

    An impossible love, but she could not accept.
    Now she is drowning in the dark pool of death.
    Swimming and crying but there is no other side
    She's looking and searching for someone to be her guide

    Drowning and praying for some kind of cure
    She keeps thinking about the one that once loved her
    But he's far away and will never know
    And she'll never tell, 'cause she's afraid to show

    She falls asleep in the arms of Death, with His silent kiss
    he takes her final breath.
    Now she's in heaven, but she still remembers the pain
    The pain that left a scar on her soul, that
    one dark night in the rain

    Nathalie Rozenveld

    ADMIN - English Poetry Polling Nov 2010

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    Default Re: English Poetry Polling Nov 2010


    The Dark Knight

    The sound of drums carried on the winds
    as the Keep prepared for battle. The time
    had come now, as Kingdoms would fall
    only to rise once more with new tyrants
    to rule.

    Knights, clad in armour, would ride tall
    into battle. Blood would spill, all in the
    name of honour to the various thrones,
    scattered, combative.

    The hearts of maidens shall be won, heaving
    breasts shall blush from faintest kiss as Death
    sweeps in, scythe in hand.

    Queens with birth heirs to carry on these
    wars of blood and name until one shall come,
    and with his blade, lay them all to shame.

    He shall ride in strong, black steed, black
    armour, sword at the ready. Battle cry
    piercing, the drums shall drown when he
    calls out!

    Maidens will sweep crystal tears at his feet,
    beg for mercy beneath the stare of his cold
    coal coloured eyes. Yet, give into his suave
    and debonair smile, present themselves in
    most perfect fashion as he woos each of them

    LoViNg IrFaN

    The Dark Night..!!

    a dark rose growing from a dark
    concrete crevice of
    this deserted building
    on a dark night
    spreading its dark petals
    for dark dreams

    on a fine morning
    when darkness
    is gone
    the dark rose
    comes out in the open
    to meet the sun
    embracing it
    with so much light
    turning into something
    sort of a blood reddish
    colored rose
    something like

    but still dark
    like the one last night


    In the Dark Night I Stand Alone

    In the dark night I stand alone
    In the dark night I think of home

    I think of him in the dark
    I think of our past love in the dark

    I believed in him to lead me to the light
    But here I am in the dark

    In the dark night I stand alone

    For every tear i shed, he took a piece of light
    With every piece of light he took my soul

    I loved this him, but he would never return my love

    In the dark night I stand alone

    Even the hurt can not keep me away
    I still fight to be in his arms

    In the dark night I stand alone
    In the dark night I think of home

    ~**IRFAN ~**

    The dark is my friend
    the dark is my home.
    For the dark dosent hurt me
    as some people can
    The dark is my comfert
    the dark is where i hide
    the dark is my heart
    for this is how its come
    the dark was coused by them
    the ones who hurt me
    for this is what i see the dark and suffering.

    MaMa Ki P@Ri

    On a darkened night,
    Anxious, by love inflamed,
    -- O happy chance! --
    Unnoticed, I took flight,
    My house at last at peace and quiet.

    Safe, disguised by the night,
    By the secret ladder I took flight,
    -- O happy chance! --
    Cloaked by darkness, I scaled the height,
    My house at last at peace and quiet.

    On that blessed night,
    In secret, and seen by none,
    None in sight,
    I saw with no other guide or light,
    But the one burning in my heart bright.

    This guide, this light,
    Brighter than the midday sun,
    Led me to the waiting One
    I knew so well -- my delight!
    To a place with none in sight.

    O night! O guide!
    O night more loving than the dawn!
    O night that joined
    The lover with the Beloved;
    Transformed, the lover into the Beloved drawn!

    Upon my flowered breast,
    For him alone kept fair,
    There he slept
    There I caressed,
    There the cedars gave us air.

    I drank the turret's cool air
    Spreading playfully his hair.
    And his hand, so serene,
    Cut my throat. Drained
    Of senses, I dropped unaware.

    Lost to myself and yet remaining,
    Inclined so only the Beloved I spy.
    All has ceased, all rests,
    Even my cares, even I;
    Lost among the lilies, there I die.


    �Flickering In The Night Sky�

    Tonight I looked into the sky
    To see where you might be,
    And there I saw the star that�s you
    For the entire world & me.

    It sparkles in the dark night sky
    The twinkles flicker bright
    That guide�s my thoughts to where you are
    No matter how far the flight.

    So if ever I feel lonely
    And need to be with you
    All I do is look at that star
    To where it point�s at you.

    But should you need me by you
    To comfort or just to hold,
    And feel my arms around you
    When all about is feeling cold.

    Then look up into the dark night sky
    And find your star so bright,
    For my thoughts of you are hanging there
    To love you through the night.


    Halloween's Dark Night

    Spooky shapes and sounds abound,
    Little ones flee all around,
    Treats and tricks are to be found,
    In Halloween's dark night.

    Little fingers ring the bells,
    While ghosts and witches cast wide spells,
    Ghastly tales from daddy tells,
    Of Halloween's dark night.

    So don't you worry, walk with ease,
    Don't run from whispers in the breeze,
    'Cause yummy candy's sure to please,
    On Halloween's dark night.

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    Default Re: English Poetry Polling Nov 2010


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    Default Re: English Poetry Polling Nov 2010


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    Default Re: English Poetry Polling Nov 2010


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    Default Re: English Poetry Polling Nov 2010


    Ik Muhabbat ko amar karna tha.....

    to ye socha k ..... ab bichar jaye..!!!!

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    Default Re: English Poetry Polling Nov 2010


    Yahi Dastoor-E-ulfat Hai,Nammi Ankhon,
    Mein Le Kar Bhi,

    Sabhi Se Kehna Parta Hai,K Mera Haal,
    Behter Hai...!!

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    Default Re: English Poetry Polling Nov 2010

    روز و شب کے میلے میں
    غفلتوں کے مارے ہم
    بس یہی سمجھتے ہیں
    ہم نے جس کو دفنایا
    بس اسی کو مرنا تھا

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    Default Re: English Poetry Polling Nov 2010


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