Turn, Convert A Face Into Zombie
di - Turn, Convert A Face Into Zombie
di - Turn, Convert A Face Into Zombie

Don’t you get bored seeing the same faces again and again? Well I do and I would definitely want to have fun some fun with my face and the faces of other people as well. Now all of us don’t have enough talent to actually draw on faces and make them look different or we don’t have the time either. So what if I tell you of a website that enables you to transform photos of you friends into Zombies with just one single click. With this website you will be able to have fun with pictures without any hassles and even without letting your friends know.

This website is called “ MakeMeZombie.com” and as the name suggests you just have to upload your picture with the face clearly visible and it will transform your photo into a zombie picture with just a single click.

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Now you have a new and a very innovative website to play with your pictures. This could be a very good stress buster as well because you can upload pics of your boss and have fun making him look like a zombie also if you want you can put that picture as contact photo on your phone and every time your boss calls you will see his evil zombie face. I am sure you and your friends will have a lot of fun watching your boss in his real form that is a Zombie. Also you can just change one of your friends profile pic if by mistake he had left his laptop open with his account logged in onto facebook, I am sure it will be one real nasty prank that he will never forget. This is a must visit website if you love playing pranks on Halloween.

This website accepts images on JPG, PNG or GIF formats so before uploading the photo please confirm the format. So have fun transforming yourselves into Zombies.