Compare Websites Keywords, Traffic With Yahoo Clues
di - Compare Websites Keywords, Traffic With Yahoo Clue
di - Compare Websites Keywords, Traffic With Yahoo Clue

Sometimes, It must have happened with you that you might have wanted to compare two sites on the basis of their popularity. This was helped by Google with their Google Trends and now Yahoo has also taken a step forward to it by introducing Yahoo Clues, which will help you to do the purpose mentioned in the very first line. In this post I will be telling you about this new feature which has been launched by Yahoo and how it can be useful to you.

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In the snapshot shown above you can see the parameters on which the comparison is made but the main focus is the graph which has been plotted as per the number of times this keyword has been searched. It will tell you all about the type of users which has been searching for it like in the snapshot shown above I searched for Wikipedia and Gmail, where I found that Gmail is more famous as compared to Wikipedia and generally the users below the age of 9 do not prefer to use it but Wikipedia is widely used by the users even under the age of 9. Similarly it also categorizes the users on the basis of their income.

One of the shortcomings regarding this feature is that it only limited to US, so all the user data which is being abstracted is from the US users and then it preserves the data for previous 30 days and then it shows you the value of their parameters for their comparison. The comparison is useful but it will good if it spreads around the globe. I hope that you will like this new service launched by Yahoo and will take the advantage of it.

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