Apple Introduced New Feature In iOS 4.2 To Find Lost iPhone, iPod Touch
di - Apple Introduced New Feature In iOS 4.2 To Find Lo
di - Apple Introduced New Feature In iOS 4.2 To Find Lo

Just now we published a news in which I mentioned about the latest updates made by Apple on their iOS 4.2 and they were really magnificent as many new features were introduced in all the new softwares and applications which we use on various Apple devices. In this post I will be telling you about the new feature which has been launched by Apple, though this feature is not new and previously it was available by paying some amount and now it has united with Apple and now it is free.

image thumb106 - Apple Introduced New Feature In iOS 4.2 To Find Lo

I am talking about Find My iPhone which has been newly introduced as a free feature for Apple iPhones. Now if you forget your iPhone anywhere then this will be of great help if you want to get your phone as early as possible. This service basically catches the internal GPS signal of the mobile and then it relocates it as per the received information. It can locate it for you and then it will give you coordinates where you will find it. This service is available for iPhone and iPad both and you can easily download the software from Apple main site.

You can set a message or set a sound on your device, so that whenever anyone finds your device he or she will hear it and then they may help you to return it back to you. If you want to prevent your contacts and other private details which were available on your phone or iPad then you use the pass-code to lock all the private data of your cell-phone. Once you find your iPhone or iPad then you need to worry about the private data if it has been removed from your device because you can retrieve it by enabling Mobile Me on you iPhone.

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