New Features In iOS 4.2
di - New Features In iOS 4.2
di - New Features In iOS 4.2

So, iOS 4.2 was highly awaited by all of us and today I have a great news for all the Apple users which is the release of this new OS software update. They have added many new features in this update for all the devices whether they are 2G or 3G. In this post I will be describing about some of the new application updates and differences which are present in this new Software Update.

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The updates are mentioned below:-

  • AirPrint:- Now you will be able to print the documents without having any wired connection with the printer. Just make sure that the printer is also compatible with the AirPrint and then no wire will be required to make any connection between the device and the printer.
  • AirPlay: You will not have to connect your Apple device through wires, in order to stream videos and audios, not only this if you want to connect speakers to the Apple device then also you do not need any wired for it. You just need to have the AirPlay compatible speakers and receivers to play the audio though them and you can simply stream the videos and audios in any Apple device without any wire. Thanks to AirPlay!!!
  • Facetime:- Now this software update includes the compatibility with the bluetooth accessories. This is really a productive add-up on this software. You will also be able to initiate call with the voice control and SMS conversion.
  • You will also be able to find the text available on the web-page on the safari (a solution to a huge headache!!!) and you will see some new fonts while typing the notes.
  • Sound quality has been improved while playing it on CAR stereos, so next you will be playing the audio in you CAR you will enjoy more!!! icon wink - New Features In iOS 4.2
Besides all these features some of the restrictions have also been included like you will not be able to delete all the applications, restrictions on the account settings, location settings and few more. You will be able to use this iOS software update on iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2nd generation or later.

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