di - Calendar Widget For Nokia PhonesIt can somehow lead to much bigger differences in a relation between people if a person forgets to wish someone on his birthday, it makes one think that it happened just because the other person stopped caring about him or her. It happens a lot of times that in a busy life of ours, we often miss important anniversaries and birthdays of our loved ones. It is just not possible to remember so many dates and anniversaries of all the people we know because the world itself has become quite so small and the number of contacts we know has grown so much due to all the means of communication available these days. Also it is not quite difficult to believe that a small thing like this could be heart breaking for someone who cares about you a lot.

So i don’t think it is worth taking the risk of making your loved ones feel bad when you can easily have four of your important upcoming events right on the homescreen of your Symbian S60 v3 or v5 mobile. Yes I know that most of the mobile phones these days have a calendar application but there is no use of the reminder if you have to keep checking the application again and again in order to find out what important date is upcoming next. This app, called the Coming Next Widget is a very useful app for all the people who don’t want to hurt their loved ones, just by missing the only chances to wish them in their important days of their life like birthdays and anniversaries.

comingnext thumb - Calendar Widget For Nokia Phones

This is a very good looking app and what it does is that it consists of a triple panel mode and each mode can display upto four upcoming events directly on your homescreen. This widget can also be easily customized according to your own needs. The whole concept of this app is to relieve you from the hustle of going into the calendar+ app of your phone and checking the important events again and again which i suppose is not practical.

So I am sure that you would love to add this app in the utilities section of you phone and make full use of your blank homescreen which is normally acquired by some useless wallpaper of a good looking girl or a boy. This app is related to something which will make you more important between your loved ones because it will help you show them that you care about them.

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