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Thread: Repair, Check WiFi, Internet Connectivity On Your

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    candel Repair, Check WiFi, Internet Connectivity On Your

    di - Repair, Check WiFi, Internet Connectivity On YourNothing in this world seems to be perfect, the same applies to technology as well. There is an unlimited list of things for which you can use mobile phones these days, but the basic principle remains the same, mobile phones were created to connect people and they will keep doing it till the end of this world. So whatever progress we do with the features and camera quality it simply wont help a mobile phone until unless its connectivity power is good. Well frankly speaking mobile phones cannot be held responsible for everything, like poor signal strength and low wi-fi signal strength if the service provider is not good enough. Still, do you think you are getting out the most out of your latest mobile phones connection capabilities? If not then we have a new tool for you which can help you find out where the problem exactly is.

    There might be a couple of tools present to test the connectivity speed of your mobile device but I don’t think there are many which can actually test and diagnose the problems to increase the connectivity performance of your phone by giving you tips on how to resolve them. So here is the new experimental app Nokia Connectivity Analyzer available from Nokia Beta Test Labs. This is a network utility app that can diagnose and analyze your device’s WLAN and PacketData connections and help you out to increase the connectivity speed of your phone by eliminating out the setbacks.

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    This is how the main screen looks like and it consists of a couple of options like start diagnostics, diagnostic results, connection observer and ping. Also there is an option to disconnect when you want.

    It can perform a couple of tests like

    Connectivity diagnostic test

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    This test will connect you to selected access points and perform a diagnostics test. If there are any problems then you are informed about it with the troubleshooting tips.

    Connection Observer

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    This gives you a graphical representation of packet data connectivity and WLAN networks. The gathered data can then be stored into a .csv file format. If you want you can also capture the IP traffic onto a pcap file.

    Next is Ping utility.

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    This utility can help you to perform ICMP-Echo ping tests to a given hostname or IP address. It can help you test IP connection for a selected destination easily. All you have to do is enter the host name and press the start key.

    This is a very useful application for people who use a lot of internet on their Nokia phones. This is currently an experimental application in its Beta stage so some users might find it difficult to understand, still if you want to give it a try you can easily download it from Nokia BetaLabs.

    Click here to go to Nokia Betalabs.

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