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Thread: Live Messenger App For Nokia Symbian Phones

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    candel Live Messenger App For Nokia Symbian Phones

    di - Live Messenger App For Nokia Symbian PhonesStaying in touch with your loved ones is the best you can do for them, with all the technology available today its not too difficult either. There are so many ways with which you can stay connected like social networking sites, instant messengers and so on. One of these services is Windows Live Messenger, its not just a simple messenger but it is packed with many other features as well. It serves as a total social networking assistant. So far these kinds of services were available on high end smartphones and computers only and it is simply not worth to buy a smartphone worth 25000bucks just to satisfy your messenger needs when you can simply use Windows Live Messenger on your Symbian mobile phone.

    So here we are with the Windows Live Messenger for Symbian v5 mobile phones which acts a messenger and a social networking client as well. Windows Live Messenger is one of the most popular messengers today and it is being used by around 330 million users.

    Capture thumb - Live Messenger App For Nokia Symbian Phones

    With this MSN messenger you will also be able to enjoy Live services, like instant chatting, hotmail, spaces, gateway information. Latest version can also be synchronized with the PC.

    Here are some of the features that you will be able to access:

    Personality portrait: This will let you publish you profile picture, through synchronization or through the handset itself.

    File Transfer : You will be able to transfer any type of document, it enables you to share your photographs, recorded messages and more.

    Friend Groups Search: This will let you find out your friends using the MSN messenger services on the internet.

    MSN Mobile Portal: It provides you access to mailbox, myspace, information about other things as well.

    MClub: Messenger based interactions, interactive games will let you entertain yourself whenever you feel the need.

    This Mobile Messenger also sports a new and easy to use user interface, it is a cool application whoever wants to be connected through Windown Live Messenger and uses a Symbian platform mobile phone.

    Download Windows Live Messenger for Symbian Phone

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