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Thread: New Features In First Windows Phone 7 Update [Rumo

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    candel New Features In First Windows Phone 7 Update [Rumo

    di - New Features In First Windows Phone 7 Update [RumoSo there are rumors that the first update is ready for Windows 7 phone. I would certainly believe if someone tells me that there is an update ready for windows 7 phone but If someone tells me that there is a new generation mobile phone device that could not be updated, I will call it a rumor. Well the thing is that all the latest devices are manufactured in a way so that they can be updated easily and the glitches and bugs can be fixed without any hassles, at the same time with the facility to update a mobile device it becomes very easy for a person to get updated with the technology without changing a phone. It helps save a lot of money and environment as well.

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    Now talking about the windows 7 mobile phone, I am sure most of us would have had heard about it but still, like always I am going to give you some more facts. Windows phone 7 is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, and is the successor to their Windows Mobile Platform. It is aimed towards the consumer market instead of the enterprise market and that means that the latest technology is used to lure all the age group of customers. With Windows 7 phone Microsoft offers a new Metro user interface, and it integrates Microsoft’s other services into the mobile platform.

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    According to Microsoft documentation , software updates will be delivered to Windows Mobile phone users via Microsoft update. Microsoft has intentions to directly update any phone directly instead of relying on OEMs or Wireless Carriers. And it is also confirmed that update infrastructure system for windows 7 phone is already in place to effectively and reliably deliver updates. So there is no question in calling an upcoming update for Windows 7 phone a rumor and it was already confirmed that features like cut, copy, paste and full multi tasking will be arriving real soon. Some more features like hot swapping SD cards and custom ringtones, video calling and turn by turn navigation are not currently available on Windows 7 phone and will be most probably included in the upcoming update.

    So the features that are supposed to be included in the next update are as follows:

    • Performance Improvements.
    • Turn by turn directions.
    • Custom ringtone support.
    • Copy/Paste.
    • Multi Tasking of third party applications.

    If you have bought a Windows 7 phone and you are not happy that some of the features that are available in other phones are not availablen in yuor phone then you should probably look out for this update which is supposed to come out in january 2011, this will definitely be a Happy New Year for all the Win 7 phone owners.

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