Airplay Feature Coming In Safari Browser [Confirmed]
di - Airplay Feature Coming In Safari Browser [Confirme
di - Airplay Feature Coming In Safari Browser [Confirme

AirPlay is Apple’s new shiny technology which was announced at a recent event along with the announcement of iOS 4.2. AirPlay allows you to stream music, video and photos wirelessly all over your house, across multiple devices/speakers, simultaneously. AirPlay is built right into iTunes and compatible speaker systems, iPod docks, AV receivers have been launched by Denon, B&W, JBL and others.

The video streaming capabilities were very limited on iOS devices (only Apple’s YouTube app and Video app could be used), until recently, when a hack for jailbroken iOS came up, called AirVideoEnabler. This video shows how you can use AirVideoEnabler to stream videos over WiFi (to your Apple TV) in any app.

AirVideoEnabler can be downloaded for free from the Cydia store.

The hack that enabled AirVideoEnabler was in fact pretty easy, and it didn’t take much time at all, which is probably because Apple plans to integrate the AirPlay technology into all its devices and platforms, including Safari, and will release an API for 3rd party developers as well, sometime in 2011.

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Another frustrating limitation to AirPlay is that you cannot stream videos shot using the iPhone 4 to an Apple TV. This seems rather absurd, because this would be one of the prime applications of AirPlay, shooting videos using the iPhone camera in HD and then viewing the videos with your friends and family on your large flatscreen display via AppleTV. This feature is also expected to be added to AirPlay soon, as the problem is not related to bandwidth (if you sync the videos with iTunes, and then use AirPlay to stream it to your AppleTV, it works just fine).

Source: MacRumors