di - Set Default iPhone Browser Other Than Safari
di - Set Default iPhone Browser Other Than Safari
I am sure that most of us would agree that iphone is an awesome device and the original apps that come preloaded with it are good enough for whatever they are supposed to do. Like Safari is the default internet browser that comes with the original operating system and it does the job pretty good, but there’s always an exception. There would be many iphone owners out there who would want to change their phone browser to something else like 360 browser, opera mini or skyfire due to some or the other reason or just for curiosity. Well, it is very+ important to keep your options open, also because you might not even know what works best for you until unless you explore and find out.

Now, there are many ways by which you can download a new browser and install it on your iphone+ so there is no point wasting time in explaining how to do that to our already smart readers and we will straight away take the conversation to the point. So after installing one of your favorite browsers from the app store, you decide to check it out and start checking your emails, now what happens is that, everything was working fine until you choose to click on of the links sent to you by your friends and you find out that the link opens in safari and you still cant use your favorite browser as the default. Well no worries here is where we come to the rescue, we will today tell you how to turn your favorite browser into the default iphone browser.

As of now Apple does not allow changing the default browser but you can change the search engine simply. In order to change the default browser you will have to download free Browser Changer from Cydia and for that you need to have a jailbroken iphone. So when all the things are in place then simply launch Cydia and search for Browser Changer, once installed you have to go to Settings > Browser changer to configure it.

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You will just have to select the default browser and this application supports upto 15 different browsers on total. Thats it and now you will be able to set your default browser to whatever you like. So whenever you open a new link this time it will open in your favorite selected browser .